Truck Accidents

An accident involving a large truck can be a dangerous and devastating experience.

When towing a trailer, a large commercial truck may be 20 times larger than a typical passenger car. It is not difficult to imagine how dangerous it is for the occupants of a regular car when they are in an accident with a big rig given the extreme disparity between the weight and mass of commercial trucks and regular passenger cars—not to mention the effects that will happen. The Simantov Law Firm’s truck accident attorneys represent people who suffered injuries in accidents involving commercial trucks in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania as a result of other people’s negligence.

Trucking companies have a duty to inspect their trucks to ensure that they are maintained properly. Large commercial trucks must be maintained and examined to ensure that they are in safe working condition. Accidents can occur and have disastrous effects when truck parts, such as the brakes, brake lights, trailer hitches, or the engine, are not in safe operating condition.

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Smaller passenger cars typically sustain large amounts of damage with trucks in an accident.

Because of this, cases involving large trucks differ significantly from other car accident cases. There are many laws and rules at both the federal and state levels to ensure that truck drivers are safe due to the inherent danger that these massive vehicles pose to other motorists. Driver inexperience, overweight trucks, drunk drivers, distracted driving, road hazards, and speeding are all frequent causes of truck accidents.

If you or a loved one has been involved a truck accident, we can help. If you lost a loved one in a semi-truck accident, we can help you with your wrongful death or injury claim. Allow our staff to assist you in recovering. In all types of practice areas, our law firm has decades of combined personal injury experience successfully resolving complex cases for those injured through all stages of litigation and trial. We will provide a free initial consultation when you contact our experienced personal injury law firm. We will assist you in navigating the challenging times so that you can resume living a normal and stable life. To ensure you receive the full and just compensation you are entitled to, your case will be handled with the knowledge and compassion it requires.

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