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  • 5 Common Mistakes After an Accident

    Because the extended effects of an accident are so difficult to predict, it is wise to treat every accident as if it may eventually require legal action. Here are some common mistakes victims make after an accident and how you can avoid them.

    • Whenever you’re involved in an auto accident, call the police immediately so that they can make a report and discourage any other involved parties from leaving the scene of the accident. Failure to involve the police immediately will expose you to the gamble of your word against the other driver’s.
    • No matter how “fine” you feel after an accident, only a prompt examination will definitively show what effect the accident had on you This is why you should always seek medical attention immediately.
    • Never trust that the insurance company will work to build your case, any action they take is purely to reduce their own liability. Thoroughly document all damage to your property, and take pictures if possible to bolster your eventual claim.
    • Take time to have your damages and injuries fully assessed before considering any settlement. Never accept the first offer that comes your way.

    Failure to seek out experienced legal guidance is one of the most common mistakes drivers make in the aftermath of an auto accident. Insurance companies will take advantage of victims without legal representation. So, when you are involved in an auto accident, seek the assistance of our experienced legal team.